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The need for CHOICE

"Designing at its best is striving for a dream. Our dream here is that all family planning only requires a conviction: to have or not have children at this time. When that conviction changes all you do is tell your body.
At Choice, we are taking great strides to realize this dream."

Peter van de Graaf - CEO Choice

Download our vision presentation here.


The facts

Over 40% of all pregnancies are unwanted. 


121 million unwanted pregnancies annually, averaging 331,000 per day:

  • 1 in 4 pregnancies is aborted

  • 1 in 5 children is unwanted

These numbers do not lie: current contraception options are failing!


Impact on Society

Women who carry unintended pregnancies to term have a much more dismal outlook in life: poor economic status, broken off educations, more violence and poor health expectations, among other effects.

On average unwanted children receive less love, security, food & education. As a consequence, unwanted children often develop more psychosocial, socialeconomical and physical problems. One of the strongest indicators of this are the high incarceration rate (estimates are that 70% of US inmates for serious crime were unwanted at birth).

These combined effect means that both groups form an outsize burden on their society.


Unwanted Pregnancies

Unintended pregnancies have far-reaching consequences on both the health and future of the mother and baby and it contributes to poverty, malnutrition, lack of sanitation and education.

We focus on contraception for women, because women often suffer the consequences of unintended pregnancies - 99% of all babies remain with the mother.


The power of choice

Choice is a one-time only outpatient procedure, with an even simpler way to switch the valves. This is lifetime, minimum impact, non-hormonal, non-chemical, no discipline required, low-cost contraception.


Designing away the drawbacks of classical contraception, this is a disruptive technology, capable to provide a level of certainty in family planning never before seen.


Every women carrying Choice will only have desired children.

CHOICE vs current methods

When comparing Choice against current available contraceptives, it has multiple advantages.
Comparison with other contraception

Life with CHOICE

We envision Choice as a lifetime solution for women, easily implanted in a one-time-only 30 minute outpatient procedure and the valve easily reversed when a child is desired.
20231031_Choice_Life.png Life with Choice
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