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Choice System

CHOICE is a Class III Medical Device (EU MDR & FDA) and works through two tiny valve implants, one in each fallopian tube. These implants are placed in a short, outpatient procedure, without surgery. Closed valves prevent the sperm and eggs to meet, open valves enable them to meet.

Switching the valves will first be done by catheter (mechanical as in a IUD procedure) in CHOICE ONE models (2027) and by later by wireless energy transfer in CHOICE TWO models (2030).


Fallopian tubes have strong peristaltics (up & down), while at the same time being extremely thin and thus vulnerable, so they have their own unique requirements.

Our stent is the first one specifically

designed for the fallopian tube.


CHOICE is made out of body friendly materials:

  • Metal parts: nitinol

  • Duct: Ceramics

All these materials have proven bio-compatibility and long-term stability in other medical applications.

Actuator.png Actuator


Onderwerp 14.png Valve

The valve is unique and patented. No other valve inside a cylinder (the fallopian tube),

 leaves so much open space (when open), and therefore interferes so little with the fallopian tube's function - allowing conception, developing the embryo on its journey to the womb.


Actuator Detent

In close collaboration with a micro motor manufacturer Choice has developed a unique solution for moving the valve, all inside the cylinder (as prescribed by the fallopian tube) - confidential / patent pending.

Stent Choice


CHOICE is developed to be placed during a minimal invasive out-patient clinical procedure. Together with our technology partner we developed the smallest endoscope in the world (1mm diameter) to enhance placement and make sure the fallopian tube wall is not perforated.

20230821_Womb_3D_Choice_One_System_Confidential.png Choice System


Together with technical partners we have developed the world smallest endoscope to ease placement. The 1mm diameter endoscope will be the center of the delivery catheter and guide the physician to the right location in the fallopian tube, to release the stent. The endoscope also helps to prevent adverse events like fallopian tube perforation or misplacement.

The endoscope has proven vision in human fallopian tubes in 2023.

Camera.png Endoscope Size
camera2.png Endoscope Tip

The first ever movie inside fallopian tubes


CHOICE is designed to stay in the female body for a lifetime. However, in the unfortunate event a women wants to get rid of the devices, we developed a minimal invasive removal procedure. This procedure aims to restore the fallopian tubes in their original shape and function.

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