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Breakthrough Hormone-free Lifetime

Fertility Freedom


On a personal level
Having a baby is one of the most significant events in a woman’s life. You want this baby to come at a time when it’s most welcome. And have the silent confidence it won’t when it’s not (yet) time. No worries, no added hormones, no side effects in the meantime.

On a global level
This world of us needs children that can be loved and nurtured. A world where we have the children we desire and can support. A world where our needs and the planet's ability to provide are in equilibrium.

To enable every woman this choice, we invented Choice.

So all children will be desired

Choice is funded by private and public investors and working hard to achieve its vision. We welcome new investors, who share this vision. A more elaborate explanation of the motivations and theoretical background of Choice can be found here.


How Choice Works

Choice works through two tiny valve implants, one each in a woman's two fallopian tubes. These implants are placed in a short, outpatient procedure, without surgery. In the fallopian tubes the closed Choice valves now separate male sperm from the female egg, preventing the conception of children. When a woman decides she is ready to have a child, all that is needed is a wireless signal, and the Choice system opens the valves. The woman is now ready to conceive.


Outside of the short moments when the valves are opened or closed, the Choice system contains no active electronics. The Choice system also contains no batteries. Choice works as a reversible sterilisation system. It simply blocks the tubes, unless a woman decides otherwise. It contains no hormones, or other active chemical components.


For a small investment in money and time early on, a woman gains a lifelong ability for family planning.


Choice Team

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We form a broad team, consisting of technical, medical and business experts, and supported by regional investment funds. Initiator and founder is Ir. Peter van de Graaf, industrial designer. Peter's major strengths are inspired concepts & the integration of all aspects relevant to the project. A seasoned designer & inventor, with international experience in a variety of industries, he can translate societal needs into solutions. See Peter's TEDx lecture here.


We design Choice with the help of experts and companies in the high-tech region of the Southern Netherlands, and in cooperation with the Technical University Eindhoven. 

Choice B.V.

an ISO 13485 certified company

Phone:  +31(0)6 53250325

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