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CHOICE began with an idea from Peter back in 2008. While traveling the world he saw the impact of population growth on our planet. 

After diving into the causes of this problem, the bigger picture revealed even more problems around contraception, unintended pregnancies and unwantedness. 
The simple idea of a valve where nature will never give us one was born. Now in 2023 the technological concept is completed and pre-clinical tests are in progress.

Meet the Team

This is our core team, but we are more than these 3 people, we have created a network of experts, professionals and organizations around us that are involved and invested in the development of CHOICE.

Scientific Advisory Board


Prof. Dr. Marlies Bongers

Gynecologist with >30 years experience, KOL tube implants Maxima Medical Center & Maastricht University

Schermafbeelding 2023-10-09 om 13.53.39.png

Prof. Dr. Bas Veersema

Gynecologist with > 30 years experience, KOL tube implants, Utrecht University Medical Center


Prof. Dr. Ir. Peter Baltus

Engineer with 35 years of experience in wireless systems, IC design, Technical University Eindhoven

Schermafbeelding 2023-10-09 om 13.54.18.png

Dr. Joris Bannenberg

(Medical) Consultant 25 years of medical device clinical and regulatory affairs. Avania CRO & BeVinced CRO founder.

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