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M&A Magazine

July 2022 Peter and Leonie did an interview for M&A magazine. They explain about our 'passion proof' contraception, organoidstudies, funding, the origin of Choice and Choice's future. 

M&A Peter en Leonie.webp Leonie and Peter
logo-money-meets-ideas-rabobank.png Money meets Ideas

Interview Money Meets Ideas

In 2022 pitchte Peter van de Graaf - CEO van Choice - zijn kapitaalbehoefte aan de formal investors van Money Meets Ideas. Via de bijeenkomst kwam hij in contact met meerdere informal investors. Na gesprekken met deze informals vond Peter een passende match en kwamen zij tot een deal. Met de investering kan Choice de unieke anticonceptie technologie verder doorontwikkelen.

DAMN-HONEY-podcast-luisteren-tip-min.png Damn Honey Podcast

DAMN HONEY podcast

Choice is mentioned in episode 91 (April 2022) of the DAMN HONEY podcast. This podcast is a weekly podcast to honour the female body. In episode 91 Prof. Dr. Marlies Bongers speaks about futuristic solutions for contraceptives. Choice is mentioned from minute 21:45 onwards. 

You can listen the podcast in Dutch on Spotify or iTunes.

DAMN-HONEY-logo-retina.png Damn Honey Podcast
Logo Brainport

Brainport Eindhoven

Choice is starring in this video by Brainport Eindhoven about three pioneer start-ups in MedTech (April 2022).

BSF-logo.webp BSF Logo

Brabant Startup Fund

Choice features in the promovideo for the Brabant Startup Fund (November 2021).

DAMN-HONEY-podcast-luisteren-tip-min.png TED-X Maastricht

TedX Talks Maastricht

CEO Peter van de Graaf explains why we need a worl where every child is desired (July 2020)

Logo Brainport

Brainport Eindhoven

Micro-technologie voor non-invasieve (anti)conceptie - November 2020

Braventure_Logo-300x125.webp Braventure


Anticonceptie voor elke vrouw - July 2020

logo2.0V2.png ID

Innovation Orgins

Zaadsluisjes in eileiders tegen groein wereldbevolking - July 2020

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