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Women's voices

These are the testimonials of women who are involved with the development of Choice & why they support it.

Leonie van de Kamer

Co- Founder & Chief Clinical Affairs (CCA)

“To me the idea of an intrinsic feature of your body for pregnancy protection sounds perfect, no more hormones, no more side effects and no more discipline. Complete freedom unless you want a child.”

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Eva Schreiber

Electronics Engineer

"In one sentence, supporting Choice, for me, is about creating a world where every woman can feel secure in their body, without sacrifice.

When I think about pregnancy, it fills me with either wonder or dread, and at the center of this lies choice.  Becoming a mother when the time is right for me is something that I aspire to do, but becoming pregnant before that time is one of my biggest fears.

Many women relate to this and I believe all women have the right to decide for themselves, to choose if and when they are ready, without sacrificing their wellbeing, health and pleasure. Choice is the solution and that is why I put my knowledge and energy into making it reality for women everywhere".

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Lisa Heeremans

Clinical research Professional

"Every child should be a choice, not an accident. That's why I back Choice - ensuring families can plan for kids when they're truly ready".

Ioana Petrescu

Electronics Engineer

"I’ve had a tough time with oral contraceptives; they negatively impacted both my physical and mental health. That's why I was so excited to team up with Choice for my final university project. This was my first encounter with a new, hormone-free contraceptive that ensured both safety and dependability. Contributing to this project felt deeply personal, and I’m enthusiastic about the potential of Choice. I think it has the power to transform our approach to birth control by providing a reliable and gentle option."

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Jeanne Offermans

Investor Choice, Ultrasound Professional

"I consider CHOICE a gift for every woman who wants to manage her fertility in a flexible, non-invasive and non-hormonal manner."

Inyoung Kang

Senior Marketing Specialist

"Women have long sought optimal contraceptive solutions for their health and safety.

So far, every contraceptive method has had various risks, leaving women with limited options and simply accepting undesirable side effects. 

'Choice' offers a way to free women from chronic stress and adverse side effects. 

The 'Choice' concept empowers women to live their lives without significantly altering their routines or habits. 

I look forward to seeing a future where women can enjoy their lives without any hassle."

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Kesang lama.jpeg

Kesang Lama

MSc Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health & Life Sciences

The concept of Choice might be new to many people, including myself. However, the more I learn about Choice, the more I believe it has a promising future. Especially given the evolving needs of women, Choice is definitely a bridge towards meeting the unmet needs for non-hormonal contraceptives.

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