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Frequently Asked Questions about Choice

*The answers described are the aims of the project. However, we are still in development. This FAQ was last updated on May 15th, 2020




1. Are there hormones in Choice? 

No, Choice does not contain hormones.


2. What is the size of Choice? 

The implant is 10 millimeters long. The diameter is 1.6 millimeter.


3. What materials is Choice is made of?

Choice is made of Ceramic, Titanium and Nitinol (memory metal). It also contains an enclosed electronics space, which is not in contact with your body.


4. How long does it work?

Choice is controllable during the fertile period of your life. It can remain in your body for the rest of your life.


5. Does it have a battery? 

No, there is only electronic activity in Choice while it is being opened or closed.


6. Do Choice materials have any effect on the egg or sperm (for example like copper on sperm cells)? 

No, the materials do not have an influence on human eggs or sperm cells.*


7. Am I protected against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) with Choice? 

Choice does not protect you against STD’s. The only good protection against STD’s are total barriers, for example male or female condoms.


8. Can I use it when breastfeeding? 

Yes, it is safe to use Choice when breastfeeding. There is no risk for you or your baby.* 




1. What does the procedure looks like to implant Choice? Is it painful? 

The procedure is comparable to placing an IUD. Choice is implanted in both fallopian tubes by a doctor. For that, a speculum is placed in your vagina. When inserting Choice you may feel a temporary cramp that in most cases is short-lived. You can take an analgesic before the procedure to reduce any pain or cramps. This can be discussed with your doctor.*


2. Does Choice give any noticeable scars? 

No, Choice is inserted through the vagina and uterus. No incision needs to be made and it is not visible from the outside.


3. Where does the procedure take place?

At a trained gynaecologist practice.


4. How does the doctor know if the valves are closed? Can I be sure that I am no longer fertile after implantation? 

Once the implant is inside the body, the device is switched for testing. Its position in the fallopian tubes can be seen and checked through obstetric ultrasound.


5. Does it work right away?

In principle Choice works immediately after implantation. However, because the implants still have to grow into the fallopian tubes, it is recommended to use additional contraception for the first two weeks.*





1. Are you still menstruating when using Choice?

Yes, because Choice does not affect your hormonal system.


2. What happens with the egg each month when Choice is closed? 

When Choice is closed the egg is reabsorbed in the body, just as any unfertilised egg.


3. Can I influence my cycle with Choice? 

No, Choice does not influence your hormonal system and can therefor not influence your menstrual cycle.





1. Are the chances of getting pregnant the same as before implantation? 

Yes, Choice does not influence the chance of getting pregnant.*


2. Can Choice take contractions? 

Yes, Choice stays in place during contractions and delivery.*


3. Is there a chance that I will get pregnant even though the valves are closed? / How reliable is Choice? 

We strive for a reliability of 99 percent or higher, which is comparable to female sterilization. However, this is still being investigated.*


4. What about the risk of ectopic pregnancies? Can a fertilized egg get stuck in Choice? 

No, Choice does not influence the risk of an ectopic pregnancy. However, ectopic pregnancies can still occur, because (very few) ectopic pregnancies occur naturally.*


5. What happens to Choice during an ectopic pregnancy? 

An ectopic pregnancy usually leads to an operation where the fallopian tube affected is removed. If the damage is also in the area where Choice is situated, then the implant will be removed too.*



Safety and risks


1. Are there any risks involved (procedure and after implantation)? 

Any medical procedure has risks, we are designing Choice to minimize them. The risks during implantation must be comparable to placing an IUD.* 


2. Can it be completely removed? 

The implant (tube, valve, electronics) can be completely removed. The stent, which forms the connection between the tissue of the fallopian tube and the implant, can’t be removed.*


3. Is it possible to hack my Choice implants for an outsider? 

No, it takes half an hour by a dedicated antenna to charge Choice for a switch – good luck.


4. Can the valves get stuck? 

No, the valves remain operational during the fertile period of your life.*


5. Are there also women who cannot use it? Why? 

With any implant there are people whose body does not respond well to it due to very specific allergies or conditions. In those cases Choice can be removed.*


6. Are there any side effects? 

After the placement of Choice you may briefly suffer from abdominal pain or cramps, after that no side effects are expected.*


7. Can I have a MRI scan with Choice? 

Yes, Choice is no problem for medical imaging.*


8. Can an airport security check detect Choice?

No, the airport security check cannot detect Choice.* 


9. Can anybody notice that I am wearing Choice? 

No, Choice is not visible since it is placed inside the body.





1. What are the total costs? 

This is still under investigation. 


2. Am I eligible for insurance coverage? 

This is still under investigation. 





1. When will Choice be available?

We strive to bring Choice to market within 5 years.


2. What kind of research has already been done? 

Both technical and medical research has been done. We can get the implant working on such a small scale. We are still doing research on the compatibility with the body. 


3. Is there also an implant for men? 

Yes, there is also an implant for men. However, it is still under development. For more information look at

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