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Mainly due to women’s increasing labor force participation, global wealth is rising (Global Wealth Report 2019, Credit Suisse 21.10.2019).

Middle class population is expanding in many countries, as a result.

And in these middle class families, the number of children per family decreases.

Every child desired. Give women (a) Choice!


Bernadette Kester

Executive coach and trainer

Over the decades, a lot of unwanted babies were created and women have also suffered from inconvenience and guilt. This tragedy was made because desires, reality, and the environment could not find harmony. Every woman wants to pursue the basic sexual instinct without the fear of unwanted pregnancy. However, every anti-conception method has its own risk and side effects and it makes all women carry the pain of side effects and fears. On the other side of the globe, some women even have no understanding of anti-conception and are just exposed to consistent pregnancy and childbirth. As one of the women who hope to be free from this tragedy and burden and enjoy a better life, I believe Choice can help the life of both babies and women. I support Choice's dream to make the anti-conception method which really cares about women and new lives.


Inyoung Kang (Project Coordinator Business Development)

Dear Choice for Women team,


I've been searching the internet for a couple of months to years now, looking for alternative contraceptive methods. I'm a 22-year-old female student from the Netherlands who has tried nearly every hormonal contraceptive device and has reacted badly to every one of them: the pill makes me extremely nauseous, my IUD made sure I was in pain almost 24/7 for 6 months straight and the hormonal implant I had for 2 years made my periods last for weeks on end. I'm one of those women who apparently "just doesn't react right" to hormones. I don't want to accept these and other statements from my GP. I want to live a full and painless life in which I can decide IF and then WHEN I want to have children (although getting sterilised and then in the long run adopting, as there are already enough children without loving parents in the world, has crossed my mind multiple times in these past months).


I admire the work your doing and the effort you put into a problem that is apparently not universally recognised. And whenever you're ready for your first human trial (it doesn't state that clearly on your website), I'm your girl.

Kind regards,


Isabeau Jensen

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